Karang Besi Surf Camp

Deciding on a surf destination can be a tough decision, especially if you are going somewhere for the first time. At Karang Besi we can assure you  comfort, adventure, the best waves in Sumatra and a relaxed atmosphere where you can rest and refuel with some great food and cold drinks.

The Karang Besi crew will help you find the perfect surf, with expert advice on the different surf spots in our local area. If you are looking for beginners spots we can point you in the right direction and even send you with a local surf guide (small additional charge) to make sure you stay on the right track.

We have motor bikes with surfboard racks on site and ready for you to explore other surf breaks so grab a bike and explore this surf rich region.

Check out our frequently asked questions and let us know if you still have any more .......we're happy to answer all your queries.

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