Karang Besi Surf Camp is in best location on the point at Ujung Bocur, the longest and most consistent wave in Sumatra is at your doorstep. The waves can be seen from your room and our restaurant so you'll never miss that moment where you go quick for another session.

There are several other well known breaks in the area and there are more lesser known spots for you to explore if you are feeling adventurous.

Jimmy's Left and Right  up to the north is only just a little more than an hour away.  It's a small headland circled by reef within a large bay with an awesome lefthander on the north side and an equally awesome right hander on the south side. Check Our Satellite Image on the Location page. Both the left and the right are very challenging waves and local knowledge is definitely needed to pick the right day where all the conditions will be right. These waves are well suited for experienced surfers. The right hander is a very fast barrel over a sucking dry reef where a quick exit is needed to avoid the shallow reef. When the left is working it is usually really steep with barrels big enough to drive a truck through. Higher tides are the best protection from the coral reef and early mornings before the strong trade winds pick up.  If you are lucky and score good waves at Jimmys left or right it will be etched on your mind forever. Check out this video....epic!

Honey Smacks is just a short drive south of Jimmy's  and is very popular with the Body Boarders. It is a short fast Barrel and surfers have to be very quick on their feet with great barrels as a reward.

Jenny's Right is on the south side of the big headland that leads to Jimmy's. It's a fun right hand point break and can be a very long ride when the swell is lined up well with the point. The reef is not as dangerous here and the wave is a little more mellow than the other major breaks, but you can still  get a good barrel here.  A more user friendly reef and yet often a more hollow point situated in front of a picturesque village. Nice spot.

Banana Island is Just a short boat ride of a little more than an hour from Krui and has a quality right hander. The island is so close that you can check it out across the channel as you drive north to Jenny's and Jimmy's. Usually a good day trip  if you want to rent a boat to take you out you can be assured of uncrowded waves if you time it with a swell. It's a fast breaking wave over a semi mellow reef so best check it with the high tide.
Bring your snorkeling gear ....great reef here.

Lots of Beach breaks in the area just north of Krui and like all beachies they can be fickle but on it's day and when the banks and swell are right it can be top quality and heavy.

Then there's  Krui, the biggest town in the area with it's  bustling busy streets full of shops, plenty of dust, motorbikes, livestock, cars and people going about their business. Krui has a beautiful beach, which has  a hollow fun right hander called Krui rights,  and at the other end of the beach is Krui left. This is an easy paddle with the fishing boat channel part of the set-up. Krui left is a machine like barrel but it needs a good swell to start cranking and its always a very short ride

Mandiri beach breaks are only about 15 minutes north of Karang Besi Surf Camp and is a stretch of open beaches where you can always choose a peak all to yourself. This beach is exposed to the south and so it a good option on small days. It picks up all the swell but you should get here early in the day before the prevailing trades kick in for the afternoon. Watch the tides and sand banks affect the shape here as it is always changing fast..

Ujung Bocur is a world class consistent quality wave and right out in front of your room at Karang Besi Surf Camp A long lefthander with two or sometimes three take off spots. When it really cranks the outside point is fast and hollow and barrels are to be had with long very rippable walls that seem to go on forever. The reef sharp sections and lots of sea urchins so bring your booties to protect your feet. Watch out when the swell is bigger (8fooot plus) and not the right direction things can be a little out of control.

Way Jambu, also referred to as the "Sumatra Pipeline", is about 15 minutes south of our camp and here you'll find the left hand barrels that dreams are made of. This spot breaks in similar conditions to Ujung Bocor and is easily the hollowest wave on the coast. This wave is definitely for advanced surfers having to deal with scary take offs with the water sucking off the reef just in front of you.  Just go it and you'll either get the wipe-out or the barrel of your life. Way Jambu can hold very big swell and can be the best surf you'll ever see in a lifetime.

Further South from Way Jambu there are more waves to explore. Take your scooter and see what you can find among the endless beaches, reefs and possibilities.